Get to know us


Papillon was founded in 2012 by keen-eyed designers KC and Vivan, specializes in women’s clutches and handbags.

Papillon is a fashion accessory brand that is uniquely crafted to provide you with a wide selection of choices, all bags are carefully curated to fit your wardrobe ensembles of formal attires, party events, festivities and even casual wear.

Any bag with Papillon delivers a personal touch of uniqueness, elegances, style and is designed with one main objective, that even with just a glimpse, your bag is left with a compelling and desirable first impression. Established across the Asia Pacific region, specifically in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Philippines, Papillon can also be found in online stores- Zalora, Lazada, and Deja Fashion.


The Pentagons Logo

Papillon's feminine rose logo is formed by rotating three different sizes of pentagon in a spiral course, resembling a spinning red tutu. The red tutu idea was inspired by the co-founder's background as a ballerina. Vivan applied the elegance and classiness of ballet into the designs of the clutches and handbags, make the accessories to be appealing for the eyes.


The Ambassador

Maria Devonne is the ambassador for the outstanding and daring designs for the Metallic series of Papillon Clutch. The two designs are representing the elegance and exoticness of a woman, just like the ambassador. Maria is not only the winner of the Miss Grand Kuala Lumpur 2017, but she is also one of the finalists of Miss Universe Malaysia 2017. 


"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

~ Rachel Zoe