10 Must-Have Clutch Bags From Papillon

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“……It's just a little bag but we'd feel naked in public without it.”
--Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City


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The perfect outfits are best paired with a bag that compliments. Handbags, totes, clutches, all play a role in the different outfits women put on, on a daily basis. Papillon caters to exactly that- giving you bags that are carefully curated to fit your wardrobe ensembles of formal attires, party events, festivities and even casual wear. Specializing in a wide selection of clutches, founder of Papillon wanted women to embrace the feeling of luxury, elegance and confidence with any of the clutches’ selected from Papillon.

In fact, she would like to encourage more women to pick up the clutch-culture. Thus why Papillon is the perfect store for you to pick out your next clutch. Too many choices? Not to worry because here’s a highlight of the top 10 designs of Papillon clutches that you can fall for:

 1. Glossy Metallic

A best seller from Papillon & available in three different colours, this metallic-like clutch carries strong characteristics, specially designed to highlight the clutch bearer’s energetic femininity. Take this with you to a party or an evening gala and let your outfit and this piece shine. This is one of Maria Devonne’s outstanding designs.

2. Golden Pyramids

If you’re looking for a clutch with a bigger compartment, this is the perfect one for you. Woven with such detail and paired with a detachable snake strap, this piece carries colours that stand out, making sure everyone gets a second take at this piece wherever it’s carried. 

3. Kros Chic Clutch

Another best seller, this metallic detailed piece is versatile. Do not worry about having to switch bags from day to night as this piece allows you to pair it with your office attire and lets you hold on to it with your dressy events. That chic look with a touch of sophistication, this clutch definitely lives up to its’ name.

4. Chic Style Clutch

A clutch that carries style no matter how old you are! The simple design of this piece allows you to pair any type of outfits whether it’s casual or formal. Talk about versatility.

5. Rhythm Diamond

Here’s one for those who want to stand out. A clutch that signifies luxury, sophistication and elegance- keep your outfit at a solid colour and let this piece shine for you.

6. Twinkling Beads

Have a dark coloured dress or something plain that needs a little sparkle? This is the clutch for you. Sweet and petite but enough twinkles to compliment an outfit on a night out. 

7. Golden Bow

Never too early to start planning your clutch-looks for any festive occasion. The satin material on this piece presents a luxurious feeling and is very well paired with the Chinese traditional outfit for Chinese New Year.

8. Crystal Clutch 

A crystal bomb that does not fail to catch the eye of anyone. This clutch sold out 100 pieces within two months as one of the best sellers on Zalora. Get on your laptops, phones and get yours now while stocks last! A shine not to be missed. 

9. Crystal Envelope Clutch

The straight cut design of this clutch is made to be carried with confidence. Simple and elegant, let this piece highlight all these characteristics within you and at the same time, giving a hint of crystal shine every lady needs.

10. Velvet Mesh Clutch

Keeping it classy, the velvet material and diamonds embellished on top of the opening of this piece creates a sense of sumptuousness. The soft material provides more space, allowing you to throw in anything extra you need for a night out.

Available across the Asia Pacific region, all clutches can be found in Zalora, Zilingo and Deja Fashion- specifically in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand. Happy shopping! 



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